A Love Letter To Me

Dear Me,

This is a letter to tell you to be truly happy NOW, with who you are and  where you are in life. Not when you lose weight or get rich or find that special someone. Take a moment or moments to just be with yourself, value yourself and love yourself ,more than anyone else. Listen to what your gut tells you and do just that. Don’t ask how, just start… today!  It’s easy to listen to other people and their advice and to seek their approval but no one is you. No one is responsible for your life and happiness but you. No one can hurt you, they only hurt  the expectations you had of them. People can speak things about you but only you decide if they are true. Mistakes are part of life, that’s how we learn. It’s ok to be depressed and cry, it’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to not have control of everything. Life comes in waves at times, calm and peaceful and sometimes it’s unstable and frightening. Life is the best school from which to learn from.

Start each day by speaking positively to yourself like you would to a  best friend. Start each day  like it’s a New Year, a fresh start . Start each day by being grateful for who you are.

It’s so easy to look at pictures of people on social media and compare yourself to them. But you don’t know who they are, or what’s behind the picture. Life is not a competition with the person standing next to you but with the person you see in the mirror. Be happy with the reflection and focus on ways in which you can be better than yesterday.What is life if you are not evolving? What is your life if you don’t follow your gut? What is life if you don’t love yourself?

In the end,nothing else will matter. Not the weight you have lost or gained, the pieces of paper that will stay in the bank. Nothing else will matter but your experience in the life that you have lived.

Love yourself!



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