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(Below is a diary I kept for the 14 days of my detox, be warned they are random thoughts and snippets of my days as it relates to my detox. But first .. Just a quick disclaimer, I am not a nutritionist or advise that any of these actions will treat or cure any diseases and or health issues. There… now start scrolling through my first 14 days of July)

Day One of Detox: July 1st

In the morning I had one teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar mixed with cold water, lemon, honey and cinnamon. Drinking it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I also decided to drink green tea instead of Coffee for breakfast. I took a trip to the city with my sister where I surprised her with tickets to Anastasia and asked her to be my maid of honor! I usually would have had a drink during the play, but I resisted the urge. During the day I was with a headache and could not understand why, then I realized it was because I did not drink coffee. You see, I have a love hate relationship with coffee, I love the taste but hate the fact that I need it in order to start my day. I should have not ordered fried calamari but I did and I should have worked out but did not. Lastly, at night I resisted the urge to have ICE CREAM. Overall, first day of my detox was good it could have been better but hey I am not perfect and I will continue and improve day by day!

Day Two : July 2nd

Today was Sunday, day to relax! I started my day with my ACV detox drink. I also went with Diego to Ihop and I resisted the urge to drink coffee, even though I had a headache , I did not want to drink it! I also went to a BBQ and did not drink any beers. I am feeling proud of myself for being able to control even just a few things. I did not workout but like I said yesterday tomorrow is a new day!

Day Three: July 3rd

I started the day with ACV drink and today I did not have a headache. I didn’t workout but I cleaned the house so that counts as some type of workout right? LOL…. Okay so tomorrow I have off because of July 4th so I will start working out for sure!

Day Four: July 4th

Today I did not want to drink ACV but I did and I added an extra teaspoon, I also finally worked out! Today  was especially hard to say no to drinking alcohol, since everyone around me was drinking for the 4th of July. We also played a drinking game which I played but with water lol. For a slight moment I thought about just saying ” What the heck, I’ll just have one beer, no one is telling me I can’t have one but me” and then I thought “Is that really all that it’s going to take a simple drinking game, to break a promise?” after I have come so far. In that moment I realized I couldn’t break the promise I made to myself. Tomorrow I am  waking up earlier for a  7am workout!

Day Five and Six:

Day 5 I worked out in the morning even though I was super sore, I also had the ACV but later in the day. I also felt like eating chips, so I had a few even though I am doing a detox I wouldn’t deprive myself too much Lol.

Day 6, I had my ACV, my co-worker tempteded me with some cafe Bustelo but I didn’t have any. I also went to a bakery and did NOT crave anything, I mean I could have eaten a pastry but I did not feel a strong desire to eat one like I know I usually do. I did not work out today but I plan to tomorrow.

Day 7: July 7th

This morning I did not want to drink so much liquid and thought I would drink a baby shot of ACV. DO NOT TO THIS, it was terrible ! I felt it burning as it went down my throat and my throat felt irrrated afterwards. I did not workout again but I will tomorrow!

Day 8: July 8th

Today I went to the pool and a fair , I did not have my ACV drink! I really did not feel like taking it in the morning so I left it for later and didn’t end up drinking it. I also made pina Coladas, I had a virgin one of course but the coconut kind of messed up my stomach. At the fair, I couldn’t  resist some funnel cake so I had some.

Day 9: July 9th

Diego told me he was teaching a Boxing demo class at his gym but when I woke up I still felt sick from the Pina Colada and was not going to go but something told me I had to, if not I was NOT going to work out on my own that day. I had the ACV and felt better , I am so happy I went.

Day 10 & 11: July 10th and 11th

These two days were pretty much the same because I was craving coffee a lot , but instead I had green tea. I also had the ACV in the mornings.

Day 12: July 12th

I woke up had ACV and since I was working from home I did some cardio mid-day, It felt so good but it was way too hot and humid , I couldn’t stop sweating!

Day 13 : July 13th

Today was pretty much the same as Day 12 with the exception of running.

Day 14: July 14th  Last DAY and final thought!

Today I woke up and did not want to do ACV drink but I just thought it was my last day of the detox so I had to. During work I was craving coffee but didn’t have any (had tea instead), afterwards I went to a restaurant/bar where I had my first beer! I didn’t really enjoy it that much and even though people around me kept drinking , I just had that one beer.

The overall take away from this detox for me was very positive. Will I give up caffeine and alcohol forever of course not BUT I was able to give up 2 things that I thought would be impossible to be without. I am so proud of myself for committing to something as seeing it all the way through. I did notice more energy and had a better mood and less of a craving for sugar… Some people didn’t understand why I was doing this “detox” or they said  I was doing it wrong. The truth is their is no “right way” of doing a detox do what feels right for you! As long as you have a positive outcome from it that is all that matters.


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