My Experience in a Salt Room

I know when I go to the beach on vacation my skin gets softer and my hair looks healthier. And as much as I wish, I don’t think it’s thanks to the Pina Coladas. It must be something in the water?!!

It’s Salt in the water, so when I heard about Salt rooms I was intrigued. Especially because it helps with skin’s health, the micro-particle of the salt triggers skin microcirculation. Salt has anti-inflammatory properties, to soothe the skin and calms breakouts and irritation. It also helps balance oil production and retain hydration in the skins layers that need it most. Dry Salt Aerosol,  has been recognized in Europe for  50 years of treatment for breathing and skin concerns. Here in the USA, it’s relativity new and it’s considered a natural alternative therapy.

The salt is heated to remove all moisture and grinned into mirco-particles in order for it to reach the entire respiratory tract.  A low concentration of aerosol salt is dispersed into the room and controlled by a halogenerator. All you have to do is relax and breath deeply, listen to music or meditate .You can wear comfortable clothes, room sessions typically last 25-45 minutes. Since this is a drug-free therapy it’s safe for children and pregnant women. Breathe also offers yoga and meditation workshops. If you want more information check out their website.


One of the Salt Rooms without the flash of the camera.











Second Room, with cushion chairs










This is what I wore, after this picture I took off my socks.










My experience

Since hearing of this therapy I have wanted to try it! It wasn’t until I developed a sore throat that I really felt that extra push to pick up the phone and call. The same day I called I was able to go for my first session. When I arrived, I was really excited but once I walked in I felt calm. I was welcomed by Jesse who was super helpful in answering my questions and after filling out paperwork I was ready to start my session. The room felt like a cozy cave, with pink Himalayan walls, the floor had pink hyimalayn Salt rocks that massaged my feet. I laid back on a zero gravity chair and closed my eyes and focused on breathing deeply to get the full benefit. I didn’t feel the taste of salt in my mouth like I thought. After my session, I was so relaxed I didn’t want to leave! That night my throat felt better and I had a sounder sleep. I will continue to go because I want to see what effects it will have on my skin. I’m going to do a video for my YouTube channel. What do you guys think about this therapy, would you try it ?


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