Thrift Store Shopping


Some time in November, after much planning to visit a GoodWill Store in the City. My sister and I finally went! I have visited one closer to home but didn’t find many options. I knew if I wanted to find good second hand clothing, I had to go to the city. The upper West side to be exact. I went with a few things in mind that I wanted to get, a black pair of jeans which is basic and maybe a winter coat.

At the first location which was on  217 West 70th Street it was small  somewhat organized but it didn’t have many options so I ended buying one clothing item. We were pressed with time, which you should go with plenty of time in order to inspect the clothing and try it on. The second location 157 West 72nd Street was better, well organized more options and it had 2 levels ( which we didn’t get a chance to see the second level). I was happy and started grabbing jeans to try on in the fitting room. When a women asked if we were waiting for the fitting room and I let her go first and she ended up taking 20 minutes in there. The car meter was about to expire and we had left the car at the first location. Pressed with time we were going to walk out when I notice a winter coat!  I took it off the hanger and saw it was my size. The coast was in good condition, so I tired it on and voila! I had found my winter coat for $30. I had also pick out a basic black  for $10! I am sure I would have found jeans but we didn’t have time , so we went to register  and then speed walked to the car hoping we didn’t find a ticket! Ahhh and we made it in time NO ticket!

As mentioned in the video a few things to keep in mind while shopping at a thrift store.

  • Take your time to look around, some gems might just be hidden.
  • Try on the clothing, you don’t want to waste your time to go back for a return. They only give store credit and you have to go within 5 days with the original receipt.
  • Since you will be trying on clothes wear something to change in and out of quickly
  • Inspect the clothes and buy quality brands! Don’t buy something that is torn, stained or worn out.
  • Take someone with you for a second opinion/second pair of eyes to look around the store as well.
  • Go often because you never know who will be donating something FABULOUS.

Reasons Why to buy second  clothing store

  • Save money, save money and save money!
  • The thrill of not knowing what you will find.
  • A great way to help the environment and recycle clothes.
  • Find quality clothes and unique garments that no one else will be wearing.

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