My Valentines Day Wish

My Valentines day wish is that you spread and receive LOVE every where you go! In the mist of everything going on in our country today it’s important to be kind to one another.

This year, Diego and I will be celebrating Valentines Day as an engaged couple!!! Not sure what we are going to do, maybe dinner! Since I don’t know what we are going to do yet, these are a few Valentines day inspired outfits from Express.

Embroidered with Rose detail dress for a romantic night.

Embroidered sheer deep v blouse for a casual night.


Simple Red shirt with white pants. Whatever you choose to wear I hope you spend it with your loved ones!!!

My sister and I shot these looks at night in front of a florist shop near my home because I fell in love with there window display! It was freezing that day but regardless of the weather I always have fun shooting with my sister.

Happy Valentines Day!


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