Yanbal Jewelry

The other weekend I had the opportunity to attend a jewelry party for Yanbal. This was the first time I heard about Yanbal but they have been around for 5o years now! It was founded by Peruvian entrepreneur Juan Fernando Belmont and is now in over 10 countries including Spain, Colombia and now the United States. The company started off selling makeup, they now have perfumes and jewelry. The jewelry is made from high quality crystals and the finest glass pearls from all over the world. The jewelry is handcrafted and is a certified environmental friendly production.

Along with some free jewelry I also got the Triena Dor Hoop earrings and love them. The best part about this company is they let you become a style advisor and earn up to 35% in commission. That means hosting parties, having fun and making money! I tried something like this in the past but let’s just say it’s not for everyone. But you never know unless you try, who knows this might bring out the entrepreneur in you. If not, check out their jewelry line Amazonia. It is now 25% off sale until April 23, use promo code LastChance!

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